hello thereI used to be a tool of the Japanese public education system but now I make TV happen. I occupy myself with picture taking, food making, and playing dress up.

I also read certain webcomics and, though not the biggest fan of the genre, enjoy an animated Japanese once in a while.

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24th September 2012

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When in Tokyo last year I hunted down a few real-life locations in Ikebukuro that show up in Durarara!

I need to go back an take some more/better ones.  And I need to go with a friend so I can do more stupid poses like I did for Kida and Mikado.

I also did it for Gantz.

I went back and took some more

This post tastes like: durararadurarara!drrrdrrr!ikebukurotokyojapanLucas with a Lensanimeryugamine mikadomasaomi kidaheiwajima shizuoshizuo heiwajimamikado ryugaminekida masaomiorihara izayaizaya oriharashizuokidashinra kishitanikishitani shinrashinramikadoLucas pretends to like anime

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