hello thereI used to be a tool of the Japanese public education system but now I make TV happen. I occupy myself with picture taking, food making, and playing dress up.

I also read certain webcomics and, though not the biggest fan of the genre, enjoy an animated Japanese once in a while.

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30th September 2014

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To dos


  • Upgrade 3D printer firmware - I’ve got 5 open tabs about how to install it but I’m still afraid of bricking it…
  • Make mabo-dofu - I ate way too much while camping to eat anything besides tuna, oatmeal, or protein shakes for rest of the week. IT WILL BE MONDAY
  • Shoot some video/pictures for H-Gun video
  • Shape and glue Gantz boots - Moving forward!
  • Mail in Substitute teaching application - I had my transcripts sent to my parents’ house and haven’t been over there this week.
  • Enjoy camping - It was awesome and relaxing and I made York peppermint patty s’mores and took pictures of a bunch of mushrooms and a squirrel tried to steal my pancakes.
  • Start working out how to wire boot lights - I’m getting through placement first. I guess that kind of has to go first

New for this week:

  • Nail down placement and framing of boot lights
  • Sand and assemble the now mutilated table MBG gave me
  • Get some more craft foam from Michael’s
  • Execute a recipe involving apples because I BOUGHT A TON OF APPLES from the produce clearance section of Fry’s. Honeycrisps. The gosh dang best apples ever. Also they’re huge.

Rather than delete them or leave them out in the open I’ll put my goals for the rest of the year under a break.

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: I actually wrote this on Sunday; forgot to post it before leaving work; and didn't turn my computer on at homeso the tofu thing has already been accomplished obviouslyalso I picked up my transcript from mom and dad's

29th September 2014

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Japanese Food Porn

the bear all tucked in!!!

This post tastes like: I have plastic versions of those cat donuts

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29th September 2014

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Spicy tofu dance party!

Spicy tofu dance party!

This post tastes like: Lucas eats

29th September 2014


This guy is going to go make mabodofu now.

: it's about damn time

28th September 2014

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Meerkats make the best photographer’s assistants EVER.

Via BuzzFeed

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26th September 2014

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from the creator of Am I Having An Anxiety Attack Or Is My Bra Just Too Tight comes the thrilling sequel: Am I Nauseous Or Just Really Hungry

  1. my bra was too tight
  2. I was really hungry

Why was there a burrito in your bra?

26th September 2014

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Hello, sir, you are an idiot.

Is David Tennant even real?

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25th September 2014

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a recommended post of a man finding a recommended post of himself.

life is a funny thing

Let the further Lucas-ing of Tumblr continue!

25th September 2014

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i suddenly felt inspired to draw but only adorable homestuck girls

This post tastes like: homestuckhomestuck girls

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22nd September 2014

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I recommend me as well.



I recommend me as well.

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